I made this BURGER today after a really nice workout. For a while now I’ve been meaning to make something combining the Spicy Italian Sausages from Trader Joes with some Ground Turkey Breast & today it manifested itself just perfectly.

Here’s what I combined:

Rona’s PACKED Primal Burgers (yields 4-6 big burgers)

12 oz ground turkey breast

2 spicy italian sausages (trader joes; casings removed) *

2 organic omega 3 eggs

2 oz raw cave aged gruyere cheese cut in small cubes (optional)**

handful fresh organic green beans (aprox 2-3 oz) cut into 1/2 “ pieces***

3 small campari tomatoes sliced or cubed (any type of tomato will work well)

sea salt

tsp. dried organic oregano

1/2 tsp. dried organic thyme

1/4 tsp. organic dried rosemary

cooking oil (organic olive) for pan or to grease baking dish



in a large mixing bowl


mix the meats and the egg

then add cheese (optional)


and spices

mix well and shape



pan fry, bbq, or bake as a primal packed meat loaf

or make little

meat balls for an appetizer or a YUMMY snack PACKED with protein & goodness (and Love).

Enjoy plated with some delightful crisp organic beans or on the go.


*i used pork but the chicken italian sausages can be substituted
**your favorite cheese can be used. i love the 12 mo. caved aged raw gruyere @ tj’s (black label)
***green beans are in season now, substitute other root or crispy veggies for variety, color and flavor! ENJOY!