All these pears got me thinking about how lucky we are. We don’t have to pick, hunt or chase our food.  There are fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits at the market we can pick from daily. How incredibly fortunate for us! But people often take this great fortune, their food and their health for granted, without consideration.

We also have an over abundance of readily available, chemically processed, nutritionally stripped, man-made, modified foods that are directly linked to the most common illnesses and diseases. Illnesses and diseases that should have no right to be so prevalent, commonplace, and accepted. Where has our common sense gone?

It is absurd  that todays  highly advertised, pre-packaged, processed, engineered ‘foods’ are our demise.  They contribute first hand to horrific, epidemic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, digestive diseases, cancers and more troubles that destroy our bodies. Most all of these problems, even aches and pains are completely reversible, and should not be considered normal amongst us. Yet they are! They are rampant, even amongst children. I urge you to think about this because it’s not ok for this to be the way it continues to be.

My education is as an holistic Doctor, so it astonishes me that people don’t seem to question it much. But I do.  And I want you to consider it too, before it’s too late to alter bad choices which are responsible for 99.9% of all common illness.

Drugs don’t fix illnesses. Normally, they’re not necessary. We can eliminate most ailments by changing our choices. That’s right. Our choices, on a daily basis, determines our health outcome.  A pill can’t do it. An insurance company isn’t meant to do it. So we need to learn how to do it now, before the outcome becomes grim.

I’ll go in to this in more detail in another post. Until then, consider the above as a bite sized appetizer for thought. Along with just one more thing to help you to do it:

Do you keep a food journal?  I recommend that you begin to keep one now. Do it to get the full picture of what you actually eat (everything),  and do it without judgement. Just do it. There are computer programs you can download, that’s what I do, or jot it by hand in a notebook you use just for this purpose. Be as specific as you can including quantities and any other details significant to you. You may want to note if you get tired or energized  after your meals, especially if you are hypoglycemic, diabetic or overweight.

I’ll go on more about this another time because I believe you came here for my recipe, directions and pictures of this Paleo friendly, Primally delicious grain, gluten and sugar free…

PALEO PEAR PIE (surprise ingredient included!)

Ingredient List

6 pears

chayote and pear (the chayote looks a lot like a pear!)

1 Chayote squash (surprise ingredient) Note: if you aren’t able to find Chayote squash nearby, no worries. Just substitute yellow or green zucchini or squash. It’ll help keep the glycemic index lower and add some additional nutrients as well.

2-3 organic bananas

3T organic unsalted butter

3T organic Maple syrup

3T citrus juice (lemon, grapefruit, lime or orange~i used grapefruit because it’s what i had on hand)

aprox 1/4 c. H2O

1/4 -1/2 tsp cardamom

1/4 tsp cinnamon

2T arrowroot

*optional: 3T grand marinier

sliced pears (L), quartered peeled chayote (R)


Pre-heat oven or toaster oven to Broil setting. Have a rack set where your pie plate can be aprox 3″ from the heating element. (the closer the bananas are to the heating element the closer you’ll need to keep watch to prevent burning)

Peel  the chayote squash and quarter. Cut out the center seeds.

Core the pears and quarter or third so you can slice by hand or size to fit in processor chamber.

Slice squash and pears thinly by hand with a chefs knife, or use a food processor to evenly slice. I enjoy the act of cutting. I find it meditative and relaxing, but it’ll take you 20 min or so to slice by hand, and maybe 5 to process. Pick your pleasure.

sliced bananas drizzled with melted butter ready to broil

*to prepare a more crusty crust, you may mash 1-2  bananas and butter/oil into 1/3 to 1/2 cup almond or flax meal. Press ‘crust’ into baking dish and BAKE rather than BROIL for aprox 15 -20 min @ 350 degrees.

caramelized banana base 'crust'

Turn the oven down from BROIL to BAKE and set to 350 degrees.

layering pears from outer to inner /bananas still visible

Sprinkle cardamom, cinnamon and salt on top of a couple of the layers to infuse their flavors.

into the oven ... @350 bake

Once all the fruit has been layered, mix the arrowroot with the citrus juice, maple syrup (optional), vanilla and water and pour the mixture over the top of the fruit. You may also slice another banana on top at this time.

Pears are not as moist as apples, so I added the banana to the top after 1/2 hour of baking and also basted the pears with the juices from the pan.

Top the plate with 1-2T butter thinly sliced or 1-2T of melted coconut oil and place in the pre-heated 350 oven. Bake for aprox 20 min and baste if the top seems to be too dry. Continue baking for about 15-20 more minutes, turn oven off and allow pie to steam through in the oven. This will assure that the Chayote steams through fully softens. * oven temperatures vary greatly so your cooking time may vary. Checking the pie after 20 min will assure the best results.

cooking pears @ 20 min (a little dry) ...BASTE and top with bananas...continue cooking 20 more min

If you top with the extra banana at the beginning of baking and top with butter, the bananas will caramelize a bit more than mine did.

beautifully cooked all ready to eat or decorate

I topped it with sliced blackberries I happened to have on hand but you could just as easily top with blueberries, strawberries, raspberries or currants to add color or let it stand as is.

Here’s a photo of the finished pie/tart (below)

final product ready for presentation with blackberries sliced for more color and love

The flavor combinations are lovely.

I love the smell and taste cardamom. It goes so well with this dish.

I hope you will enjoy making, eating and sharing this too. If you do share the recipe, please do note where you got the recipe and share a link to my blog for credit.

This can be prepared in any size/shape dish you have on hand.

Quantities specified fit an 8 x 8 ” tin.

For a 9 or 12″ pie use 2-4 more pears and  another banana for the base crust or enough to fill the base.

It’s mouth watering, very satisfying, and will accompany as a side dish with lamb, chicken, beef, bison, eggs, cheese or be eaten as a snack or dessert. ENJOY.