I have been a “foodie” ever since I can remember. There were never many foods I disliked, even as a child, other than maybe canned PEAS: yuck.

My mother surely played a large role in my excitement creating and enjoying foods most kids wouldn’t touch. I’d call her a food ‘daredevil’. Her willingness to share her pleasures, like how to eat a steamer without getting any sand in your mouth, or the delightful flavor of raw meat we hand cranked into ground, are sweet childhood memories no doubt.

I’m still proud when I recall my sister named the eggs I made her, “Rona YUM YUM Eggs”; I mean really, what could make you feel better?

So, I like to cook. I like food. I like experimenting with different tastes, textures and ingredients.

So, that’s where my love of food and cooking began. Over the years, I’ve delved in to macrobiotics, baking, breads, pastries, raw foods, vegetarian and vegan cuisine, PALEOlithic and primal paths, organic and mostly REAL foods. I don’t like boxes, pre-made or chemically altered anything. Currently, I eat, create recipes, cook and bake 100% grain and sugar free.

Starting from scratch serves many a purpose.

So join me here in my creations, discoveries & musings over that which nourishes us all;  follow my lead to create peace, health and harmony inside and out, “In honor of FOOD”.

With much love,

Rona (docrona)