I can NOT believe it’s been a whole YEAR to the DAY since I’ve made a blog post. I’ve still been cooking, experimenting and taking photos though! This post looks sort of bland in color, so I’m seasoning it up by sharing with you a great seasoning salt called KALA NAMAK. Read on…

Today I want to share with you a favorite addition to many dishes in India. I use it here in my cooking often, even when I’m not cooking Indian cuisine.

The ingredient is BLACK SALT.  It’s also called Kala Namak.

two different bags of color black salt, kala namak

Black Salt aka Kala Namak

It’s a silly putty pink gray color and has a distinct smell of sulfur due to it’s high mineral content. It adds a very nice flavor to steak, eggs, vegan salad creations, on nuts, seeds and fruits too. The sulfur properties aren’t so pronounced when you cook with it. Cooking minimizes that trait.  But Kala Namak is also quite nice to sprinkle on to finish foods before eating. It’s quite delicious and even a little addictive because it’s so very unique in it’s subtle, not too salty flavor.

Another benefit of Kala Namak is as a digestive aid. It can help to eliminate gas, heartburn and aid in elimination. It’s one of those interestingly, oddly flavored things that I’m very fond of and utilize regularly in a variety of ways.

 Black salt may contain less sodium than regular sea salt, or table salts. So it can be an alternative on occasion,  to those low sodium or restricted diets. Like Himalayan or Sea Salt, black salt contains trace minerals from volcanic rock. These minerals are what contribute to it’s distinct pinkish color and sulfur smell. Please, don’t let the smell scare you away unless you happen to have a sulfur allergy …try it! You just might find you enjoy it’s use as much as I do.

That’s all for today but I thank you for visiting my blog here and I’ll share more with you soon.
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