*I’m the 8th person standing from the right side in (gray shirt, pink writing, squinting) Fun wknd @ crossfit Ethos. Awesome CFHQ trainers.Crossfit is

Constantly Varied

Functional Movements

Performed at a High Intensity

I began doing Crossfit in June 2009. I took a 1 month “on ramps” course designed to learn the basic movements.

In May of  2010, I completed my Level 1 Crossfit Trainer Certification with CFHQ  (top photo). In June 2010, I was invited to attend the new Crossfit nutrition seminar program & am now certified in Crossfit Nutrition principles/practices also.

In March 2010 I volunteered on the Medical Staff @ the Crossfit Southwest Regionals in LA. Luckily there were no major incidents to attend to.


*For the past 30+ years of my life, most of my personal time,  education, study, and work, have revolved and delved deeply into the structure, function and all around workings of the human body. Total health, nutrition, fitness, meditation, yoga, etc. I’m a dedicated, principled, passionate all around natural, holistic wellness Doctor. I’ve worked with children and women extensively as well as many men who never escape my radar focus which is to effectively produce results, heal and help people be at their best in all realms of health. Crossfit training and coaching has contributed and continues to help me become more of an athlete and reach my own fitness goals while adding another level to how I can effectively help others reach their own goals.

Crossfit training adds variety & intensity practicing constantly all sorts of skill training. Training the brain and body to be better at life’s many known and unknown tasks.

Since I can remember, I have almost never had as much fun and enjoyed working out regularly as much as I enjoy working out doing Crossfit. The variety of things we do runs the gamut and the degree of difficulty can be completely scaled to any level which makes it suitable for anyone. Even me. There’s always something new to learn & conquer.

I haven’t updated my wods here for a while although I DO KEEP A LOG & encourage you to DEFINITELY keep a log or journal of your wods as well as your food diary.

Today’s WOD Wednesday 9/22/2010

I’m very happy today. I’m featured @ http://www.crossfitventura.com . I’ve earned my spot as a ‘committed athlete’ Yay!  (search under Comitted Athletes )

Warm up: Row 300m @ 50% for technique, then row 500m @ 90%. Practice front squats & thrusters with PVC 4-2-x-0 count.

A1: Thrusters 3 sets 10 reps (if you can do 10 reps increase wt next set)- rest 30 sec while walking to A2

A2: Kipping Pull ups 3 sets @ 75% max reps- rest 4 min before doing A1 again

A1: 43#, 48#, 53#(8)

A2: GB 3,3,3 (i don’t quite get the kip so i do rather strict pull ups)


within 3 min:
20 Wall Balls (modified: 10 wall balls 10# to 8′)
20 Box Jumps (24″/20″) (modified: 10 box jumps 12″)
Row for calories

rest 3 min b/t sets. score is total calories/round: 23, 18, 23

*i had 2 mishaps on round 2. 1st I stumbled on a box jump then when I got on the rower it didn’t turn on for 6 seconds or so so i lost a couple of cals~just sayin.

TODAYS WOD Monday 9/20/2010

Warmup: Row 500

Within 15 minutes, work up to a heavy 1RM Clean and Jerk: 68# (not a PR) I got a little hesitant getting under the bar. Can’t hesitate~gotta trust the shrug and commit. Next time. My PR is 73#. If I can get under the bar in a clean @ 78# (or more) I’m pretty certain I can jerk it.
Squat Cleans (M: 135lbs, W: 85lbs) Modified: 53# Squat Cleans
Ring Dips Modified Bar dips c GB


TODAYS WOD Sunday 9/19/2010

Weekends @ CFV usually involve some sort of partner or team WOD. They’re always different and usually fun. Today’s was a doozy. I think Jaala programmed it as her farewell before her trip to the Middle East for the better part of a year. She put in some things I’ve never done and some things I was wondering when we’d do. Here’s what we did:

My partner was Jen. Jen is probably 20+ years my junior. She is/was such a good sport about working with me. #1 She’s way faster than I. #2 She weighs less than I do #3 She ran 50 miles with a friend who ran 100 a few weeks back…yeah FIFTY miles five-oh.

I don’t recall right now what we did to warm up in addition to making sure we had the movements down. Here’s the partner WOD:

400 m jump rope run (run while skipping rope)

50 partner sit ups with a 14# medicine ball (probably my favorite part!)

400 m partner carry run (run…yeah right….jen ran with ME on her back~ I trotted or walked more than I ran when I was carrying her. I still can’t believe she carried me for close over 200 m)

50 partner push ups in synchrony. one person on the floor, the other with feet on the others lower back/bumm

400 m run (together) she was so nice she stayed with me

50 pistol squats (total) ok to support partners arm (1) as they squatted. A pistol is a one legged squat. Jen did about 3/4 of these, I didn’t do them on my Left leg.

our time was 24:something-

despite feeling like i seriously held her back, she said she still got a good workout in & she’d cycled the canyons for about 60 mi the day before. Thanks, Jen. P.!

TODAYS WOD Saturday 9/18/2010

warm up 500 m row

“Grace” (30 Clean and Jerks for time. Prescribed weight for women is 85#.) Modified to 53#   time: 5:00

Stretched out L shoulder and rolled out L trap and paraspinals with lacrosse balls prior to wod. Afterwards worked on pull ups a little. Got some help from a friend (thanks Alex) with the ‘kip’ which I’ve yet to master or imbibe. Practiced full ROM with the thick blue band and did 29 strict pu’s with that in 3 sets + 3 strict pu’s with the thick green band. My theory is that DOING the pull ups through full range even on the stronger band will assist my overall strength and ability. We will see. With the shoulder area injury, my strict pull ups on the GB went from 5-8 to only 3. I want to up my pu’s as well as my upper body strength. Next Tues is my meeting to go over diet more. My hunch is that from where I am, the next move will be to Paleo/Zone. More strict weighing, measuring and CR. My intent is to alter my body comp., of course get stronger but my primary goal is to drop the post meno-pausal 20-30 lbs & increase lean body mass, lower body fat comp. and continue training and gaining strength. Health & fitness. Health first.

I may have done “Grace” last year at a much lighter weight but we didn’t have our log books then so I’m not certain of the weight, or the time. Today the weight felt good. I’m still in the midst of healing a shoulder, thoracic, neck ‘thing’ on my left side. It’s been a hinderance since sometime in June. Not exactly sure what it is, or how it happened but working on moving it out and not having it act out/up. “Grace” was good. I look forward to doing her again. I’ll be less scared~maybe. Tomorrow’s team wod is nuts. I didn’t even read the white board or watch too closely. It includes partner pushups, partner carries and wb sit ups and more…ho ho ho fun.

TODAYS WOD Monday 9/13/2010

warm up 200 m run, ohs practice with pvc

my mod wod: part 1: in 8 minutes amrap (my mod was goblets instead of OHS)

15 goblet squats with a 26# kb and 200 m run (completed 3 rnds + 15 squats)

rest 8 min

max plank hold 2x #1: 120 sec #2: 50 sec

then in 8 min amrap 10 KBS 35# (russian) + 200 m row (completed 4 rnds + 2kbs)

TODAYS WOD Sunday 9/12/2010

The scheduled wod was something with squat snatch and wasn’t good for my shoulder, so my mod wod was

IN 20 MIN every Min ON the Min do:

2 push jerks @ 43# and 7 KBS (russian) @ 35# completed 20 rounds. Each round took bet. 31-36 sec overall. Good wod.

TODAYS WOD Saturday (bring a friend day) 9/11/2010

Today I was expecting that there might be some sort of tribute WOD to commemorate 9 years since 9/11. But no…the WOD programmed (which I did sunday) was rough but not a 9/11 tribute. To all those who fell on that day and lost their lives, family members and friends, we remember. We will always remember that solemn day.

Bring a friend CF Athlete WOD

5 rounds for time

12 KB swings (35# russian)

6 jumping pull ups (mod from kipping)

200 m run

*time: 10:50

TODAYS WOD Friday 9/10/2010

warm up run 400 m

practice form running 800 m

hip thrust barbell lifts (these are fun ~first time doing~went light because of cindy) 5 sets 6 reps each: 45,55,65,75,95 easy wt can def. go up next time.


amrap in 20 min

5 pull ups (mod to jumping pull ups)

10 push ups (mod to knees)

15 squats

completed 13 rounds + 25 reps

this was my first full CINDY. did 1/2 cindy last october with mods of ring rows and knee pu’s. beat my score @ 1/2 time and also did far more BEFORE the wod than last years. 🙂

(missed a few days posting wods)

TODAYS WOD Friday 9/3/2010

warm up 400 m run, stretch shoulders air squats (15) run 200 air squats (15)

part 1: in 6 min amrap

5 pull ups (gb )no kip for me

10 push ups (knees)

15 air squats

rest 6 min 3 rnds + 3

part 2: in 6 min amrap

5 ground to OH (85/65) mod 43#

10 box jumps (24/20) mod 14

15 anchored sit ups

rest 6 min:  3 rnds + 4 g >oh

part 3: for time

run 400 m

15 wbs’ (20/14) mod 6 (l shoulder)

run 400 m (again)

15 wbs 6 (again)


TODAYS WOD (workout of the day) Tuesday 8/31/2010

1 mile time trial

9:38 (20 sec PR) previous time in feb was also a PR @ 9:58. last years 1 mi was close to 12 min! yay me. i would like to get this sub 9 min!

TODAYS WOD (workout of the day) 8/30/2010 Monday.

warmup: run 400m

use lacross balls to loosen up thoracic para-spinal musculature

warm up practice for clean and jerks with pvc


find your 5 rep max clean and jerk 5-5-5  (53#, 58#, 63#)

rest 4 min


45 sec – DB Push Jerks
15 sec – rest
30 sec – DB Burpees
30 sec – rest
15 sec – DB Deadlifts
45 sec – rest

with 15# db’s

total score (reps) 111

the clean and jerks felt good. i’ve been struggling with some shoulder/back and icky stuff for a couple of months now in my left “there” area.  a combination of seeing my fav doc maya assessing and pinpointing specific nutrients to support me, and being really diligent (again) with my diet (paleo/primal) i’m feeling clearer and better. not 100% yet but the overhead work is getting better.

tomorrows wod should be a doozy….i’ll be doing 51 reps of god knows how many exercises…pure joy 😀