The longer I live, the more I know I must follow my bliss…The T-Shirt guys got it right.

LIFE IS GOOD! Well, most of the time. Especially when there are puppies around! The black and tan is my girl & the white one is my neighbors; they’re BFF’s.

My life & background is very diverse. It includes theatre arts, cooking and food (of course), teaching, yoga, meditation, fitness, nutrition, energy, the holistic healing arts and sciences (and more). I’ve earned 2 Bachelors Degrees (Art & Science) and graduated (from an accredited university) with my Doctorate in a branch of Natural Medicine & Healing Arts.

I coach and teach people how to maximize anti-aging potential and create inner/outer beauty & harmony for happier, healthier, richer lives.

Personal Consultations are available online, by phone and in person in Ventura, CA and on Tuesdays in Simi Valley, CA. (email drt (at sign) dr rona thau dot com )

Seminars and workshops can be arranged anywhere in the world.

Here are my websites for contacting me to work with you and get you on the track to reach your health, life and fitness goals now. *code for best savings* on vitamix is 06-004658 (includes discount and free shipping)

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dr rona