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dr rona thau, d.c.

I’m a holistic Doctor, over age 50, and I work with adults and children in person and online helping them create great health. I’m a firm believer that it’s WAY better to STAY healthy than to have to get sickness/diseases before the true WEALTH of YOUR HEALTH is realized as the great gift and VALUE it is. That’s me in a tiny nutshell. I’ve been on this path personally since childhood. I’ve earned degrees from real colleges/universities and spent years studying, continuing to learn, and practicing what I preach.

I’ll be adding in some things I find interesting here, such as different foods, spices or things related to health and living well.

Below are links my websites. I’ve done them all mostly myself & they’re in progress…if you design websites and might help assist me further my mission to touch more people… let me know. I’ve got some ideas ~ just need help carrying out their artistic and web formation.

More importantly, if YOUR mission is to make the most of your life and focus on your health, contact me to help you get there now!