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yes...that's an m&m plate 😀

Silly, simple, succulent success. So fast and easy my dad could do it.  It’s possible to add anything to it but time was of the essence! I was hungry and all I wanted was fast, easy, flavorful protein, quickly.


1. Ground Turkey breast 1.44 lbs made 4 good sized burgers

* if you prefer, make meat balls (more time consuming to roll but would be delicious too.

Options are good aren’t they? I say yes!

2. Capers

3. Olive oil or spray for pan (yes people, you know who you are, your bacon grease is perfectly acceptable here)

4. Salt (sea or pink)

5. Pepper (tri color is great)

6. Left over veggies or veggie(s) of choice ~ anything you have on hand will do. Fresh is preferable.

7. (optional) sauce

8. (optional) cheese


Heat skillet with olive oil, bacon grease, or spray

assemble burgers (or balls).

I simply opened my package of meat, scored into 4 pieces and made a large ball with each then flattened to a potato looking shape

Next, poke finger holes (about 4-5 in each piece)

Add 1-2 (2-3?) capers in each hole then shape burgers and flatten covering up the caper pockets.

I chose to reheat fennel I had cooked in the same pan; but any vegetable can be incorporated INTO the burger, or cooked on the side.

This was such a fast process that by the time my pan was hot, my capered turkey burgers were shaped and ready to sear.

All burgers go in the pan and get seasoned on top there. After seasoning, I added my cold fennel and 1/2 oz of raw romano sliced on top of the fennel (i like the taste of the browned cheese mmm)

Cook, flip, cook second side and let rest…

Usually, I undercook slightly so the white meat doesn’t dry out

The capers add a beautiful burst of moisture and fabulous flavor

Easy, Simple, Healthy and a burger (or ball) with a Sweet & Salty zest. Quite Yummy in the tummy.

Eat ’em up!

Pair with just about any vegetable. Try sweet potatoes, squash, eggplant, onions, turnips, string beans any type of greens or a simple salad.

If you make turkey balls, try this sauce from Trader Joe’s. You might even want to sauce your burgers! ~ The sauce ~ it’s not organic but it’s got nice ingredients (including CAPERS!). Seems tasty. I tried it at the store and got a jar.

Options, additions and other musings to try:

*make it a meat loaf

*add an egg or two to the meat

*season with fresh herbs like parsley, thyme, oregano (i’m especially fond of greek oregano), rosemary and lemon rind

Options are a good thing. I’m sure of it. Nothing is written in stone except the 10 commandments. So work it, have fun, play and EnJoY the flavors!


dR  RoNa

caper (verb)[intrans] to skip or dance about in a lively, playful way


I made this BURGER today after a really nice workout. For a while now I’ve been meaning to make something combining the Spicy Italian Sausages from Trader Joes with some Ground Turkey Breast & today it manifested itself just perfectly.

Here’s what I combined:

Rona’s PACKED Primal Burgers (yields 4-6 big burgers)

12 oz ground turkey breast

2 spicy italian sausages (trader joes; casings removed) *

2 organic omega 3 eggs

2 oz raw cave aged gruyere cheese cut in small cubes (optional)**

handful fresh organic green beans (aprox 2-3 oz) cut into 1/2 “ pieces***

3 small campari tomatoes sliced or cubed (any type of tomato will work well)

sea salt

tsp. dried organic oregano

1/2 tsp. dried organic thyme

1/4 tsp. organic dried rosemary

cooking oil (organic olive) for pan or to grease baking dish



in a large mixing bowl


mix the meats and the egg

then add cheese (optional)


and spices

mix well and shape



pan fry, bbq, or bake as a primal packed meat loaf

or make little

meat balls for an appetizer or a YUMMY snack PACKED with protein & goodness (and Love).

Enjoy plated with some delightful crisp organic beans or on the go.


*i used pork but the chicken italian sausages can be substituted
**your favorite cheese can be used. i love the 12 mo. caved aged raw gruyere @ tj’s (black label)
***green beans are in season now, substitute other root or crispy veggies for variety, color and flavor! ENJOY!
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